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Oregon Farm Bureau files FOIA lawsuit against USDOL regarding “Hot Goods”

May 31, 2013

On Wednesday, the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Labor under the Freedom of Information Act.  The lawsuit was filed to compel the Department to produce public records relating to the Department’s use of “hot goods” objections under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Under the hot goods provision, the Department can object to farmers shipping their crops due to alleged violations of minimum wage, child labor or overtime regulations.

The lawsuit is the result of a February 2013 request by the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation requesting records concerning the Department’s use of its hot goods objections.  The Department refused to produce the records sought by Oregon Farm Bureau Federation, and failed to respond to the organization’s appeal within the statutory time period.

Link to the story in Oregonian:  Oregon Farm Bureau Sues U.S. Labor Dept. over actions against blueberry farmers

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