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NMFS To Consider Listing Klamath River Chinook Under ESA

April 13, 2011

In February, we reported that several environmental conservation groups petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (“NMFS”) to add Klamath River spring and fall chinook to the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) list.  Yesterday, April 11, 2011, NMFS announced that the petition warrants federal review.  NMFS’ decision can be viewed here.

According to NMFS, the petition cited numerous reports describing the significant decline and low numbers of Klamath River spring and fall chinook.  However, the agency will consider additional scientific data and information, including that which is submitted by interested parties, in determining whether to list the species.  Parties interested in submitting written comments, data and information must submit them to NMFS by June 13, 2011.  By January 28, 2012, NMFS will make a finding as to whether or not chinook salmon in the Upper Klamath and Trinity rivers basin should be listed as threatened or endangered.

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